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 High-pressure spraying machine system consists of three components: a spray tank 2 Barrel 3 high-pressure pump spray system.

1, spray tank is surrounded by spraying barrel on the inside, the better to prevent paint dust generated in the high-pressure leakage, but also for the collection of waste paint dust, to meet international environmental standards required.

2, spray gun nozzle barrel is fixed and the main part of its function is to protect the paint does not leak, energy saving, fan-shaped spray gun out particulate matter, did not adhere to the tube labeled fog stream recovered through recycling pipeline there will be no return excess paint atomization and paint box.


3, high-pressure spraying machine systems, high pressure airless sprayer, is home to high-tech coating lines essential products. It is characterized by a coating gas source isolation, improved anti-corrosion effect of the coating. Input air pressure ratio over the coating of the pressure output form 1:30. System is also equipped with an automatic, semi-automatic cleaning function, the device is not used for a long time, it is necessary to completely clean equipment, pipe, making pipe coating and curing no residual particulate matter.

High-pressure sprayer system recovery pipe into the oil system, the system contains a multi-layer filtration system to ensure the recovery of clean paint, to ensure the normal spray nozzle effect, greatly reducing the use of guns in the process of blocking power.

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3.1 high-pressure spraying machine system

Nearly automatic cleared procedures developed in the automatic mode, the device does not work status, the system will automatically tell the gun nozzle clean, high-pressure sprayer system to ensure no production too long muzzle segment generated curing gun incident caused by gambling happen.


High-pressure pump filtration system

3.2 high-pressure sprayer mist precipitator:

By the pool, curtain panels, roof, siding, circulatory system and ventilation system. Curtain cabinet assembled, good environmental performance, paint mist filter effects, and no leakage.

1 cabinet material: side panels, roof made of cold rolled steel plate bending and forming;

2 curtain panels: made of stainless steel curtain panels

3 Pool: 1.5mm cold rolled steel folding system using welding; requires no leakage, a stainless steel filter, anti-clogging this paint sludge pumps;

4 water system; uses 1 corrosion-resistant pumps, pipes with PVC pipes, water pipes made of PVC elbow connection between;

5. Sink: with a sink, forming water curtain filtering; improve the paint filter effects;

6 high-pressure spraying machine lighting; setting an explosion-proof fluorescent 40W;

7 Ventilation System: uses 1 axial fan; motor outboard, with a deadline will greatly increase, cleaning and easy maintenance;

8 Ventilation Fan: pump motor, equipment operation buttons, operating lights are operating components.

GY-PT-A series sprayer spraying process can be controlled by the PLC conveyor roller speed of the workpiece (steel) sent spray chamber using a special form of pneumatic driven paint pumps, pipe coating paint sprayer is to increase to the high pressure through a narrow nozzle, the dramatic expansion of paint, the paint line to form fine mist fan, mist flow, high speed sprayed into the surface, thereby forming a coating layer coating method.


These three spraying machine is characterized by:

First, a wide range. 100mm bore a 12O0mm pipes are spray can;

Second, with the high-pressure airless paint sprayer conveying means to achieve coating application, coating adhesion, coating viscosity without restriction, you can spray high viscosity coatings and install a variety of types and specifications of the nozzle;

Third, the high-pressure sprayer nozzle to prevent clogging of the nozzle behind the filter is installed, and thus reliable work.


Easy to use, superb craftsmanship and exceptional durable product nozzle core to protect the quality of the coating surface. Not only can provide a broader spray vice choice, but for a variety of coatings, paints, enamels, primers, silver paint, latex paint, wall putty, asphalt, refractory materials, fireproof materials, and even plaster materials and so on.

GY-PT series high pressure sprayer biggest advantages: energy saving, environmental protection inexpensive, simple operation, easy maintenance!

Know solid woo series coating equipment, do not use your loss, no waste, no pollution, not what you want?

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